Saturday, October 11, 2014

Museo del Ciclismo in Ghisallo.

Today in Italy, looking down on Lago Como and Lago Lecco was another tick off the bucket list. If riding L'Eroica in Gaiole Chianti with another 9 friends wasn't enough, on a wet and dismal morning, my day was bright and exciting.
Words do not express my day - I share these photos with you.

 We paid a visit to the Museo del Ciclismo and Madonna del Ghisallo overlooking the two lakes from far above the nebbio. We were awoken this morning by loud claps of thunder and torrential rain which put paid to my ride to what I think is so far the best cycling museum in the world - I've seen a few in our six trips to Italy and France. This one conjures up images in one's imagination of great cyclists - Coppi, Magni, Bartali who rode this climb when the roads were not in the shape they are today. Let's not take away the efforts of today's elite cyclists - they have their own demons to contend with on this brutal climb to Madonna del Ghisallo.

Funny how things connect - we went back down into Bellagio to do our laundry and as it was being done we went to the Cafe de Sport for coffee. There were some interesting photos and artefacts on the walls and as I wandered around looking, the owner came over to me to show and explain more of his treasures. He even opened a book that showed his cafe in years gone by when his father owned it.
It had a wonderful pre-war car parked outside the cafe and from what I could understand, it was during the Mille Miglia. On the walls of the cafe was a wooden wheel built locally by Cerchio Ghisallo. The factory was no more than 150 metres from the Museum and I'm kicking myself for not being more aware. Nevertheless, I would not have had enough space left for a set of two on our return flight. Mind you, I will order on-line from home.

As we left Bellagio, we walked back past Cafe de Sport and the owner saw us walk by. He gave us a friendly wave, not realising, he gave us a treasured memory.


Warren Slater said...

Great pics. Great story Leon

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