Friday, July 26, 2013

My Dad - the Bike Rider

Jack's passion is and has always been his passion since he first joined the Northcote Amateur Cycling Club in May 1938. Cycling as a rider and a spectator started as 15 year old and he continued riding his bike up until early this year. Even today he rides his stationary bike five days a week for 30 minutes plus.

The bike pictured below was his Panther Racer, note that it has a single gear. At the time he lived at Studley Park, Kew and trained within the Boulevard that stretched through the vast parklands within sight of Melbourne CBD. Even today it is a training mecca for cyclists. Jack Sims was not a champion cyclist but he is a champion of the sport giving many years of service to his other club, the Preston Cycling Club. He was not only a great support to me but all members of the Club where he could. A life membership came his way for service to the Club. He would collect the beer and bring out to Yan Yean where we would finish the road races or to the Preston bike track in summer. He had many adopted sons over the years. Even when I retrired, he still kept looking after the bar.

Jack's membership form to Northcote Amateur Cycling Club - 1938
Did you note that they spelt Amateur incorrectly - now that's a collector's piece.

Dad rides his Panther racer. Nice knicks Jack and love the black socks.
He was a foundation member of the Preston Golden Oldies and rode most weekdays.
Never rode on Saturday or Sunday so he knew when it was a weekend.
Still going and loving it - Jack does stationary work out.
Maybe this is a little bit of family self indulgence but Jack Sims deserves it at 92 years young.

Keep riding Jack

Just been doing some research on a 1973 stage of the Sun Tour that was the longest and most gruelling 20 mile stage ever endured - pop in on Monday.


Elvis said...

super blog today Leaping. i love your admiration for your dad. and it's well deserved

Elvis said...

super blog today Leaping. i love your admiration for your dad. and it's well deserved

Graham Nicolson said...

Great blog have years of riding to go to even get close to him so get going!!
Studley Park Lodge address..yes you were toffs... Nico

Matthew Sumner said...

I love the quote, "not a champion cyclist, but a champion of the sport". Truer words have never been spoken . Congrats to your Dad on a great life and devotion to his sport.

David Doyle said...


Leon and Sue Sims said...

Elvis -I'm sure Jack has lots of stories that we both would like to hear from his past cycling memories.

Leon and Sue Sims said...

Nico - not sure if I can hold to his wheel in the context of his years on this earth.

Leon and Sue Sims said...

Nice of you to comment - hope we can bring you some more great stories on the Scrapbook.

Leon and Sue Sims said...

Kiwi - you know he's a great guy - dont you?